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Vineyard cottage "Vinica"


vinica kaiser 2012 18Visit our idyllic vineyard cottage VINICA in Ganstal between Hammelburg and Untererthal.


Learn how beautiful it is to let the soul dangle and to take a quick break from everyday life to indulge. . .


An extraordinary experience are culinary guided vineyard tours with wine tasting!

On Sundays and public holidays from 15.00 clock, we invite families, hikers, bikers and nature lovers to spend her time.




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Beer tasting

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Vineyard cottage "Vinica"

Open on every Sunday  from April to November (11.30).

Barbecue on every 1st Sunday of the month with DJ Dylan

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Grillen mit Dylan

in unserer Weinbergshütte "Vinica" ab 11:30 Uhr am  
25. Mai (Vatertag)
4. Juni (Pfingstsonntag)
5. Juni (Pfingstmontag)

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